I can’t go anywhere without my notebook.  At first, I used it as a way to remember things; some days I seriously question my ability to remember people’s names so you will often find notes like ‘friendly red headed barrister – Paige’.  The notebook soon became everything, from my agenda, diary, ideas and goals setting planner to grocery list and even my art journal (well more like a doodle journal really).

Keeping a notebook during separation is very important. Here’s why:

  • You are going to have a lot to remember, such as dates, times, appointments and expenses. Write it all down. It will save you some serious time and headaches down the track.
  • You will also find it a useful place to vent – and may I suggest, a much better place than on social media. Get those things off your chest and write them in your notebook.
  • It is a great way to set goals and get things done too. For instance, your goals today might look something like this:

Get kids to school and don’t forget their lunch boxes

                Find last year’s tax return for my lawyer

                Go to the gym, enter the gym, actually use the equipment

I put a highlighter through the things I actually achieve on the day and what I don’t put a highlight through gets written down for the next day.  So for me, the ‘going to the gym’ goal moves from day to day, week to week and well it’s right there at the top of the page for tomorrow.  You get the idea!

I love to see my clients redesign their lives after separation and so that is why as part of the service here at Kounias Lawyers, clients receive their very own notebook to inspire them to do just that!  They arrived here at Headquarters this week and are full of crisp white pages ready to be written in and doodled on.