I’m Filitsa

A business lady, lawyer and creative thinker dedicated to helping you through the law of separation and divorce.   I love what I do and when you meet me, you will see that I am pretty easy to talk to and that I like to give you more than one way you can resolve your legal worries.

You might like to meet me at the office or better still, a café where we can have a chat over a cup of coffee.   You might prefer to give me a call over the telephone or skype from your own office or home, that works well for me too.  If afterhours works better for you, I can make that happen also, because I understand that life gets busy.

Any other questions in any other areas of law?  Ask me about them.  I will gladly have a ten minute complimentary chat with you to see if I can help. Oh and if you are worried about my fees, I am happy to discuss them with you and I am pretty good at coming up with different packages and options for you.